Planting a tree and watching it grow to maturity is a deeply satisfying accomplishment. Not only does a well-placed tree add beauty and shade to your landscape, it represents a legacy to the environment. However, planting a tree and getting it to grow are not simple tasks, and many people depend on professional Tree Planting Services in Kona Hawaii. The following are some professional tips to help you give your trees the best chance at success.

The first important consideration in planting a tree is the timing. In general, late spring and early fall are the best time to plant a tree, but the tree itself and the climate of the area can determine the best time to plant a particular tree. Mangoes and other fruit trees, for example, can be planted successfully in January in Hawaii. This might not be a good planting time in a colder part of the U.S., though.
The location of the tree is also a very important consideration. Different types of trees have different needs, so make sure to research how much sun your tree needs. A popular flowering tree in Hawaii is the dwarf cherry tree, and it needs full sun. It thrives best at a lower elevation. Although most fruit trees require a lot of sun, the guava and the loquat grow well in partial shade.

It’s also important to know what kind of soil you have. Soil factors that affect tree growth can include acidity and drainage. Planting a tree in clay, for example, puts the tree at risk of drowning because clay is not as permeable as other types of soil. Different trees thrive in different degrees of acidity. Using the right type of fertilizer can help to moderate the soil’s pH balance and make it more friendly to your tree.

Finally, the size of the hole is crucial to the success of the tree. The wider the hole, the greater the chance that a sapling will grow and thrive. The best hole is both wide and shallow; you don’t need to dig any deeper than the size of the tree’s rootball. Experts also recommended digging the hole a few days before planting. To learn more about Tree Planting Services in Kona Hawaii, contact Mother Earth Father Time Tree Service LLC.

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