The cause for a damp and wet basement can be minor and repaired on your own. You should seek the help of a professional in order to determine whether or not it is a big problem. However, you can waterproof your basement to limit the amount of damage that is done to your basement as well as your home. What can be a major problem is when the source of the water inside the basement cannot be fully identified.

If you are not sure where the water leak is coming from, then there are many ways for you to check and see. To figure out if the water is leaking in from the outside or some form of water on the inside, tape a foot-long square of aluminum foil to a divider that is inclined to clamminess, fixing every one of the four sides as water/air proof as would be prudent. In a day or two, if one piece of the foil that was against the divider is wet, the issue is drainage. In the event that the outside is wet, it’s buildup.

Yards that are level or incline toward the house grant surface water (rain and liquefying snow) to deplete down against cellar dividers. Water enters through breaks or different openings in the dividers and causes wet spots on the dividers or standing water on the floor.

Slant the ground far from the outside establishment (around one inch for each foot). Augment the slant for no less than ten feet. Seed it with a decent garden grass. Sodding is a typical practice and keeps the washing endlessly of recently evaluated regions amid overwhelming downpours.

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