Whether you drive a car or a truck, it’s important to keep the engine cooled in order for it to run smoothly and efficiently. There are various Heat Transfer Products in Illinois that work to cool a hot engine. While some heavy-duty trucks and tractors use an oil cooler, most vehicles use a liquid coolant and a radiator to cool their engine. If your car has a radiator, there are several things you can do to make sure it’s doing its best to cool your car’s engine.

First of all, keep your car maintained. Change your car’s oil and filter on a regular schedule, and make sure to do a thorough visual inspection at that time of all the belts and hoses. Check the hoses in particular to make sure they don’t have any holes. If you see a bright green fluid underneath your car, you can be pretty sure that antifreeze is leaking. In addition, check the fan when you get an oil change as a malfunctioning fan could also keep the engine from cooling.

At least once or twice a year, you should flush the radiator fluid and refill it. The liquid coolant can start to break down after awhile, and once it degrades it won’t be able to do a good job of cooling the engine. Old coolant can also have a corrosive effect on the radiator itself.

Make sure that you’re putting the correct type of coolant into your radiator. Most trucks require a mix of radiator fluid and water. Using only water will hurt your radiator because radiators are designed to work with water alone. Also, always check the coolant level before you drive and fill it up if it isn’t completely full.

Keep your engine from overheating by limiting the load it has to carry. Overloading your car or truck will just make the engine work too hard and eventually overheat.

If your car does overheat, the best thing to do is to pull over and turn off the engine as soon as you notice the temperature gauge reading high. Once the car is in a safe place, pop the hood and prop it open so that it will start to cool off. It’s very important to wait until the engine has cooled completely before attempting any repairs. You can click here for more info about Heat Transfer Products in Illinois.

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