Gas is a good type of airsoft gun to go for, especially if you’re looking for a trusty sidearm. Here are some tips on how to find the best one to bring with you on your next game:

Know How It Works

Gas airsoft guns rely on gas compression to shoot pellets. Gas-firing designs are common on side arms and pistols. However, some rifle designs incorporate gas power, too, to an extent. Plenty of gas-powered airsoft guns are designed with a blowback feature, so when you get to fire your gun, you’ll feel the shot, and you’ll even experience a small amount of recoil while you’re at it.

Pick a Type

There are 3 types of gas-powered guns you can choose from. These include CO2, propane, and green gas. Propane provides a good boost to your shots. Another good thing about it is that it’s a low-cost option compared to CO2. Green gas is propane gas with a dose of silicone. What does that do? The silicone helps your gun lube itself with every shot. CO2 is a serious power booster. If you’re looking for the best in airsoft cartridge types, then this is the one that can beat everything else on the field.

Get the Right Ammo

Say you get a CO2 airsoft pistol because you want top performance on the field. Make sure you pick out the right ammo as well. Airsoft guns typically use 6 mm plastic pellets, says the Art of Manliness. These are quite affordable, so that’s a bit of good news.

Choose Quality

There’s a practical reason to this advice: if you’re using CO2 cartridges, it’ll break apart a cheap, shoddily-made gun. That’s why you should always go for quality, whether that’s for your gun or pellets. Buying BBs? Be on the lookout for any bubbles, seams, dimpling, or rough surfaces. These are signs that the BBs are of low quality. Walk away until you find better ones.

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