If you are faced with having to deal with US Immigration, having a good lawyer can make all the difference in the world in the outcome of your case. On the other hand, a lawyer that does not know the intricacies of immigration law and procedures can do more to harm your case than help, so much so that that you will never recover from the damage caused. If you are attempting to procure a visa or trying to avoid removal from the country, you must be represented by the best immigration lawyers in Chicago. Here are a few tips to help you get the best.

Make sure the lawyer is really a lawyer:

There are often people prowling the halls of an immigration office trying to get business from unsuspecting people. There are people that claim they can help with immigration problems, these people have numerous names that they call themselves; Visa Consultant and Notario are titles that you hear. The sad truth is, these people should not be entrusted with your future, more than not they are little more than glorified typists who can and do make errors that can seriously jeopardize your chances with USCIS. Always make sure that you are dealing with the best immigration lawyers in Chicago, no one else.

Does the promise sound unrealistic?

No lawyer, regardless of what area of law he or she specializes in, can guarantee a successful outcome. In the case of immigration law there is only one person that decides the outcome of a case; the judge. If you speak to a lawyer that states that they have a 100 percent success rate with the USCIS, avoid them.

Talk to more than one lawyer:

Don’t be afraid to talk to two or three law firms before you choose one that you believe will represent you best. The best immigration lawyers in Chicago not only know immigration law, they will also be the best people for you to work with, they will take the time to explain your case to you and what it is they will do to help with the situation.

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