More and more parents today are signing their children up for pre-school. It is a great way to get the child prepared for kindergarten. Not only will the child get a head start on reading, writing, and math, it is also a great way for the child to start socializing with other children. It is not uncommon for a child to be apprehensive before starting pre-school. Before the child starts Pre-school Programs in Shelton CT, there are a few things that the parents can do to make the transition easier.

Start the Routine Early

A few weeks before school starts, parents should get their child started on the pre-school routine. This would require a new bedtime and then waking the child up at the same time they would be getting up for school. If the child gets into the routine early, the first day of pre-school won’t be as hectic.

Attend the Open House

Many pre-schools will have an open house before the school year begins. This is something that parents should take advantage of. It will give the child a chance to see the classroom and meet the teacher. When a child has an idea of what pre-school is like, they will have less anxiety on the first day of school.

Make Starting Pre-School Exciting

If parents give their child a reason to be excited about pre-school, it will reduce the child’s anxiety on the first day. Parents can let the child choose a backpack with their favorite cartoon character. New school clothes and school supplies will also help a child become more excited about the idea of starting school.

Start Preparing Early

Parents should start preparing their child for pre-school the summer before school begins. First, parents should make sure that their child is completely potty trained before school starts. Next, parents can start teaching the child to count, write their name, and even read. Chances are, the child won’t be able to master these things before school starts, however, getting started early won’t hurt.

If a parent wants to make their child’s first day at Pre-school Programs in Shelton CT as easy and as stress-free as possible, the tips listed above will help. For more information, Browse our website.

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