For some people, selecting a furnished al in New York is a necessity. For others, it’s a decision made purely for convenience. Either way, the benefits for choosing a furnished home are numerous. The following contains some things to consider when deciding whether to go with a furnished or unfurnished place.


Those new to the area may not be familiar with the hustle and bustle of congested city streets. Be sure to physically visit any locations you’re considering, as parking a moving van may prove difficult or down-right impossible. In the suburbs, this isn’t a huge concern. However, when you’re looking into apartments located within busy areas of Manhattan or Brooklyn, the ability to park and unload freely should be considered.


While people generally remember they have to get their items to their apartment, they don’t always think about how much they have or what transporting things will be like. Many buildings only have stairs, and some can be steep and winding. Even if you do find a place with an elevator, it may not be spacious enough for your larger items. It’s also important to think about narrow halls and entries that firm items like bed box springs and sofas might not fit through.


If you decide to solve the previous two issues by hiring movers, you should also get cost estimates. Between the hourly wages of the movers and the truck, it’s common to spend thousands of dollars even when the move isn’t far. Even though they’re pros, they’ll still need to take precautions for safety. Depending on what level your apartment is on, it could take movers an hour or more to transport a single item.

Length of Stay

If you’re a student, tourist, or are in the process of relocating, getting a furnished rental in New York is a fairly simple decision. Short-term renters can almost always benefit from having everything in place because of the difficulty, expense and time involved in moving. They’re also an excellent option for people in town on business, as they provide the amenities of home and don’t feel like a hotel.

Sometimes, moving isn’t difficult at all, even if you do bring a truck full of stuff. However, it can be incredibly frustrating to show up on the big day and realize that, for whatever reason, getting your things from the truck into your apartment is more trouble than it’s worth. It’s times like these that a little forethought can go a long way in ensuring your move goes smoothly. If you decide on an unfurnished place, it’s a good idea to carefully select what you intend to take. Otherwise, you may wish you had chosen a furnished rental

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