There are two types of people working in the moving industry –  movers and full-service movers. If you want to ease the pressure on your part and make sure everything is followed according to an accelerated schedule, take the time to find a reputable packing company that combines numerous services into a single visit. These services should include boxing, packing and securing goods. Additionally, a dependable full-service mover will aid in cancelling utilities, setting up services at the new residence and obtaining permits, if necessary. This, combined with the following qualities, makes a furniture removal specialist well worth working with.

Meticulous Operation

Most commonly, packers with experience will be hired for household shifting purposes. There will be no margin for error when it comes to packing and moving items, particularly if you own a lot of fragile goods. This is why it’s a good idea to contact trained packers who can operate in a meticulous fashion. You can rest assured that the professional will get everything completed on time, because he or she will follow a schedule. The packer will know that certain items need more care and attention than others, such as glass coffee tables and chandeliers. For this reason, a meticulous approach is absolutely essential.

Hassle-Free Moving

Lots of different materials will be required for the move, from bubble wrap to corrugated boxes. While you could take it upon yourself to collect the required materials, you might also find yourself feeling more stressed during the whole moving experience if you do so. Movers will work hard to ensure everything is organised early and they will keep you in the loop at all times.

A Safe and Secure Option

Not only is it important for the mover to use the right materials but also, for the movers to choose suitable vehicles to keep furniture safe and secure. Trucks of different sizes will be chosen and before you work with a removal company, you should research and find out what kinds of heavy trucks and transporters they own. Oversized loads of furniture can be transported from one location to another with heavy haulers. Should you be moving to a location that can only be accessed via the highway, off-road trucks will likely be used by a mover who is both licensed and qualified.

A transport only service is offered by Beckleys Transport – a respected company boasting over five decades of experience in the freight, storage and moving industry.

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