Whether you want to remove dead trees, plant new ones, or anything in between, there are tree care services in Norwich, CT to meet your needs. The right trees can provide shade and privacy, and increase the aesthetic value of your lawn, but remember: a tiny sappling will eventually grow into a full-size tree. It’s a commitment! Experienced contractors can maintain and improve the appearance of the trees on your property throughout their life cycle.

There are many considerations that go into the placement of a new tree. The amount of space and quality of surrounding soil necessary for its healthy growth depend on the species. It’s important to have enough space to grow in an adequate root system, and to account for full growth throughout its life cycle.

A larger tree, if planted in the wrong spot, could shade other plants growing on your property or even cause damage to power lines or building structures if adequate consideration is not given to how large it will grow. It’s best to consult someone before planting that can help you make decisions that will be of long-term benefit to your property, as growing a full-sized tree is a commitment.

As your new tree grows, it will need proper maintenance and care. Regular pruning will ensure the health of your tree by removing dead or diseased limbs before they can cause a problem. Trimming off unnecessary branches can also increase the amount of flowers or fruits that your tree will produce, potentially increasing its beauty and prolonging its life.

In cases where limbs are overhanging buildings, power lines, or other structures, safety may also be a concern in deciding if and when to prune branches. Without proper maintenance, your beautiful tree can cause fire hazards, structural damage, and power loss. A professional can evaluate the health of overhanging branches and decide whether they pose safety risks.

Removal of dead trees or overhanging branches is a risky affair that should always be trusted to the pros. There are safety protocols to be followed, and equipment that is essential to tree cutting. Taking down a dead tree should not be attempted by someone without experience. Call Dunn’s Tree Service to find out more about tree care services in Norwich, CT that will keep all the trees on your property both beautiful and safe throughout their life cycle.

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