Trucking Accidents are among the worse types of accidents to be involved in. The injuries that result from these accidents are usually very serious in nature such as loss of life, brain damage, loss of an arm, leg or hand and injuries that require extensive medical treatment and care. Determining who is at fault for the accident can become very complicated to sort out. An experienced lawyer will have the necessary tools to determine who a claim should be filed against. In a typical automobile accident, the negligent driver is the individual who insures the vehicle. In an accident involving a truck, it involves the driver, the company they work for, the maintenance on the truck and the trailer they’re hauling.

Truck drivers are governed by federal law for their driver standards. They are only permitted to drive a certain number of hours each day and within a certain time frame. There are specific amounts of time they’re permitted to work and then must take a break to prohibit fatigue. In addition, maintenance on a truck is also maintained, and faulty maintenance that resulted in an accident could be the company’s fault. Obtaining this information can be difficult and understanding what to look for in Trucking Accidents in Annapolis requires a skilled attorney. Visit here for more information.

In the event, someone has lost their life during the accident or due to complications from the accident, a wrongful death case can be filed by an attorney. It is possible to obtain future wages, and other benefits that the individual would have received had they not lost their life. A spouse or children that have lost their loved one that financially supported them should not be further victimized from an accident. Trucking Accidents in Annapolis happen quite frequently due to the crowded highways and distracted drivers on the road. This type of devastating event could financially destroy a victim forever if they’re not compensated accordingly with the help of an attorney.

Jaklitsch Law Group has a team of attorneys to represent victims of a trucking accident. They will fight for all of the compensation a victim deserves, so they’re not a victim of physical injuries or loss as well as at a financial loss.

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