Many adults would like to have straighter teeth, but they detest the thought of wearing ugly braces that are made out of metal. An option for people who don’t want to wear traditional braces is to get invisible braces put on their teeth by an Invisalign Kalamazoo MI area dentist. If you’re interested in learning more about clear braces, read the two questions below that are commonly asked about this dental procedure.

Q.) Do clear braces work just as well as metal braces for straightening the teeth?

A.) Although they’re made completely different than metal braces, clear braces are very effective at straightening the teeth. When individuals have invisible braces, they’re actually wearing clear aligners that fit over the top of the teeth. These aligners can be taken out and placed back into the mouth with ease. Individuals will wear several different sets of aligners throughout their treatment and after wearing each set for approximately two weeks, they’ll change to the next set. Each set of aligners is shaped a little differently so they can move the teeth into the correct position for straightening.

Q.) Is it more difficult to take care of clear braces or metal braces?

A.) Since precautions must be taken when eating certain foods and cleaning between the wires of braces, it’s often very difficult and time-consuming to take care of metal braces. Taking care of clear braces is as simple as it gets because individuals take them out of their mouth before they eat. After eating and brushing their teeth, individuals can quickly place the aligners back into their mouth. Cleaning the aligners is a simple procedure because they just need to be brushed and rinsed in water. People who have clear braces can also purchase a cleaning kit from an invisalign in Kalamazoo, MI area dentist to keep their aligners clean. This kit contains special cleaning crystals that remove plaque from the aligners.

If you would like additional information about getting clear braces to straighten your teeth, contact the dental office of Stephanie M Busch – Abbate DDS PLC and set up a consultation. After discussing the available options, the dentist can recommend a treatment plan for straightening your teeth.

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