Barricade tape is brightly colored tape that you are sure to have seen at one time or another. They are usually used to caution people about dangers that are present. While the concept of using custom barricade tape is not new, there have been a number of recent changes in regard to the type, material and color that is available. Due to these new offerings, barricade tapes are able to meet a number of needs. Some of the most common types that are available can be found here.

Construction Barrier Tape
As the name implies, this type of barricade tap is used, primarily, in construction sites. They provide notice for workers, as well as those nearby about what is going on and the dangers that are present. Most of these tapes are yellow and black in color and it is a color combination that is recognizable anywhere it is placed.

Hazard Barricade Tape
This type of custom barricade tape is typically used by the policy, or other departments at the scene of an accident, after an explosion, for environmental issues, etc. This type of tape is ideal for indicating a significant danger. The most common areas that they are seen in include production areas, industrial zones, and chemical labs, along with other locations.

Traffic Control Barricade Tape
Another place where this custom tape is used extensively is in areas where traffic control is necessary. They are found to be extremely effective in controlling automobile traffic, as well as foot traffic. It is found that accident rates in a number of metro areas have been reduced significantly after a custom barricade tape was put to use.

Enforcement Tape
This option is commonly used by the police to help and preserve and isolate parts of crime scenes. This type of tape provides a message to the public that an active investigation is going on and that they should not trespass in that particular area.

Firefighter Barricade Tape
Firefighter barricade tapes are used where fires have broken out and are therefore fire resistant. They use a number of color combinations to ensure that people easily notice them and understand the boundaries to remain safe.

Purchasing custom barricade tapes can be a bit of a challenge, since there are more than a few options to choose from. However, taking the time to find the one that is right for your particular needs is essential to keep others safe.

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