Being a teenager is a massive challenge in its own right. Hormones and learning about life mixes together with rampant emotional changes can lead to some aggressive arguments with mom and dad. With all this going on, it’s not uncommon for a teen to act up and start arguments at home. Family therapy in St Paul will help with teens who are becoming very argumentative, but there are also some great things you can do to understand about the conflict.

Conflict Is Inevitable

Conflict is always going to rear its ugly head. Everyone experiences arguments throughout their lives and it’s no different for families and teens. Trying to stop arguments and conflict is a complete waste of time. What’s better is to try and manage the situations when they happen and prevent them from escalating.

Focus On The Cause, Not The Person

This one is very hard to do, especially in the heat of the moment. When conflict begins, try to separate your feelings from the situation and try and understand the underlying cause of the misunderstanding. Once you understand why the argument has started, it’s very easy to keep your mental state in check, preventing the argument from getting out of hand and feelings getting hurt. There is always a solution, and with a cool head you will be able to find it and implement it to prevent future conflict from that cause.

Listen And Respect

Arguments often are started by someone feeling as though they have not been heard. You can avoid this by truly listening to the other person, respecting their opinions and never use name calling as a defense mechanism. Asking questions are the single best way to understand a conflict and try and help the person instead of fighting with them. Unlearn the bad habits of communication you have, replace them with positive and helpful habits that your entire family will respect and value.

If you are having trouble with argumentative teens, contact Options Family & Behavior Services for more help.

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