There are several varied levels of hospice care in Eastman, GA. Most private centers that offer hospice care generally require that patients be covered by an insurance policy, such as Medicare insurance or Medicaid insurance. During the progression of their specific disease, most hospice patients require different levels of care. Some only require counseling and grievance support, whereas others might require palliative care; an option reserved only for those who are terminally ill and need to ease the pain during their last days. This article will briefly outline the different levels of service offered by most hospice care centers.

Routine Hospice Care

The first level is routine hospice care. It is the most common level, and it allows individuals to receive care at their private residence. You can also receive care at an assisted living facility or in a nursing facility. This is basically the first step. If the disease continues to progress, the levels of hospice care will probably have to change based on the doctor’s recommendations.

General Inpatient Care

This is the next level that focuses on treating the symptoms and trying to mitigate the progression of the disease. However, if the efforts are largely ineffective, the patient might require general inpatient care.

Continuous Care

Continuous care is offered to patients for 8-24 hours a day and includes pain management for a number of different medical symptoms. This is one of the levels of hospice care that includes constant monitoring, and it was generally designed for patients who are terminally ill or are suffering from an illness crisis.

Inpatient Respite Care

The final level of hospice care is designed to give a respite to the patient’s main caregiver. Respite care is offered for a period of up to 5 consecutive days, and it allows the primary caregiver to take some time off periodically. Visit the website for more information.

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