Working in sales is a lucrative opportunity for people who are confident, outgoing and aren’t disheartened by repeated unsuccessful efforts. To find an excellent Sales Job Broken Arrow OK residents may want to work with a recruitment agency matching candidates with employers.

Sales Success Rates

The best salespeople know that each unsuccessful selling effort is another step to a positive result. With the advantage of solid leads generated by the employer, the success rate for sales representatives is still only about 20 percent. It takes a very confident person to handle hearing “no” from eight out of 10 contacts.

Salary Plus Commission

When it comes to a Sales Job Broken Arrow OK residents might want to know which opportunities are likely to pay the most. The pay structure of salary plus commission tends to be the most advantageous for workers. That way their earnings are not limited by the salary and they also have that salary to cover them during slower periods.

Types of Positions

A recruitment agency that offers jobs in sales might have positions open for manufacturers of various products, as well as insurance companies and advertising outlets. Sales reps work for manufacturers ranging from book publishers and software producers to companies that build modular homes. Of course, many sales associates are employed by vehicle dealerships.

Some sales reps service their existing market while attempting to gain new clients. Examples include snack vendors that have product lines at convenience stores, supermarkets and other retail centers. Advertising account representatives commonly service their regular clients while seeking out new ones. A person who sells ad time on a radio station, for instance, must keep the current clients satisfied while also pounding the pavement for new business.

The Importance of Experience

Companies are seeking sales associates through an agency such as The Recruiting Specialists typically are looking for experienced candidates. They want applicants who do not require extensive training except for the specifics of the product or service being presented. Experienced sales reps like being able to find jobs through this kind of agency so they don’t have to go through dozens or even hundreds of listings by organizations, most of which will not be suitable. Browse the Website to get started.

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