If someone has a prized fruit tree on their property, they may want to bring it with them if they decide to move to a new home. Hiring a company specializing in Tree Removal in Westport Connecticut is the best way to have a tree moved safely from one location to another. When people take it upon themselves to try moving a tree, it often becomes victim to shock due to a quick change in habitat. A tree company knows exactly what time of year is best to move trees depending upon their type. Most trees should be moved during winter months.

When moving a tree, the company will first go to the homeowner’s new property to scout out a location for the transplant. They will look for a spot where the soil is similar to the tree’s current home. The service will check that the new location is not near any power lines, septic piping or well water. They will also make sure it is a location far from any other trees, so there is no battle for moisture once the new tree is planted.

The service will prepare the new plot by digging a hole for the new tree to be planted inside. They will fill it with water a few days before they intend on doing the transplanting procedure.

The company will then dig around the fruit tree, salvaging as much of the root area as possible in the process. The roots will be packed in wet pieces of cloth, so they do not dry out while in transit to the new home. The tree company will then place the tree in its now location and replace the soil around the trunk. They may use mulch around the tree to help keep moisture in place around the roots.

If someone needs a tree service to do Tree Removal in Westport Connecticut, they can contact a company in the area. Evaluation can be made of the size of the tree to determine to price. Visit the website of a company like Northeast Horticultural Services to find out more about the process and to make an appointment today.

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