When someone notices there is an abundance of spiders hanging around on the exterior of their home, they will most likely want to take the necessary steps in removing them from the area. While spiders are helpful at killing other insects, they can become a problem if there are a large number of them in one area as it makes the home appear unkempt and may cause someone to be frightened. Here are some steps one can take in doing effective Pest Control in Baltimore MD to eliminate spiders from the home.

Try Natural Deterrents

Spiders tend to stay away from the scents of peppermint, eucalyptus, tree tea, and lavender. These scents can all be purchased in an oil. Dab a bit of one of the scented oils onto cotton balls and place them in areas where spiders are abundant. Another idea is to collect several horse chestnuts to put in spider-prone areas. Spiders will avoid these nuts as they do not like the scent.

Remove Lighting Sources

One way to reduce the number of spiders one has on the exterior of their home is by changing they way they use their lighting. If entryway lights are turned off during nighttime hours, there will most likely be a reduced number of insects in the area. This, in turn, will decrease the number of spiders in the area. An alternative is to use yellow bulbs in light fixtures. These do not attract as many insects as not all species are able to see this hue easily.

Clean The Home Frequently

It is important that the exterior of the home is cleaned often to help keep spiders away. If webs are swept away, spiders that are used to the area may move on to another area where they will not need to build a new insect trap.

If these tips are not effective in removing a spider problem, then a call to a service that does Pest Control in Baltimore MD may be helpful. Contact Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc. to find out more about their pricing and to make an appointment for an evaluation.

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