When someone acquires an unaltered female cat, they may want to use Vet Services to have it spayed, so it does not have a litter of kittens. A female cat that go into heat will often try to escape the interior of their home in an attempt to find a male cat to mate with. They will goes into heat from spring until fall, approximately every three weeks. The cat will yowl during night time hours at these times as well. This will continue for many years, causing difficulty for the pet owner at these times.

Taking the cat to a veterinarian is the best way to alleviate this situation. They will do a complete physical of the cat to make sure it is healthy enough for the procedure. The owner will need to drop the pet off at the veterinarian’s office in the morning and will most likely not be able to pick up the cat until the following day. This will allow the doctor to monitor the cat after it has surgery to make sure it is in good health.

When the cat is able to leave, the cat’s owner will need to keep it in a quiet location in the home where no one will bother it as it heals. The stitches may dissolve on their own or the doctor will need to remove them after several days. The cat may take a day or two to bounce back with normal eating, but this is to be expected after surgery.

After the pet heals, the owner will enjoy not having to worry about it getting outside and coming back with a surprise pregnancy. The cat will no longer have bouts of crying out during heat cycles because they will diminish completely. Having a cat spayed will also help reduce the chances of certain reproductive cancers they could acquire.

If someone wishes to have their cat spayed, they can contact a doctor that does Vet Services in their area. They can take a look at Ahnfc.com to find out more about a wonderful veterinarian’s office that handles a variety of emergency and routine treatments for all types of pets.

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