For those suffering from back and neck pain due to accidents, injuries, or muscle strain, chiropractic care provides an excellent supplement or even alternative to prescription pain medication. This can help to restore range of motion and generally improve patients’ quality of life. It has been proven especially effective in treating chronic lower back pain, but many issues involving muscle or bone can be ameliorated through proper chiropractic care. These include disorders as diverse as osteoarthritis, tendinitis, and acute sprains and strains.

Chiropractors accomplish these goals via realigning the musculoskeletal structure, with particular interest in and emphasis placed on the alignment of the spine. This realignment is accomplished by non-invasive means using manual adjustments in which the doctor uses controlled or sudden force to manipulate joints and improve quality of motion and deep tissue massage. Many patients find it helpful to seek nutritional or exercise counseling in addition to chiropractic care, forming a more holistic approach to treatment.

Chiropractic manipulation techniques have been in use for centuries, and in conjunction with modern improvements in medical knowledge and technology they form the basis for many treatment plans. In contrast to most of its history, the contemporary chiropractic field requires extensive study and licensing in order to maintain a practice. Training programs require over 4,000 hours of classroom study and supervised hands on instruction.

Before receiving any kind of treatment for Pain Management in Katy TX, patients will have to undergo a basic physical evaluation and diagnostic tests to determine the appropriate approach. Those with spinal chord compression or inflammatory arthritis, as well as those taking blood thinners, are ineligible for certain kinds of chiropractic care. It is important that patients be upfront with their chiropractic doctors about any acute or chronic medical conditions or prescribed medications. This helps doctors to ensure an accurate diagnosis and safeguard against further injury.

For those seeking alternatives to surgery and prescription medication for pain management in Katy TX, chiropractic care can provide much needed reprieve. Chiropractic treatment does not preclude other forms of medical intervention, and can in fact aid those who are recovering from surgery to rebuild strength and muscle control as well. Contact us today to find out more or schedule a consultation.

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