Your pets are as much a part of your family as your children, and they should always be given quality food, toys, and accessories to get the most out of their time with you. Visiting a pet store regularly to stay stocked up on dog and cat foods is essential, as you never know when severe weather and other issues might restrict you from leaving your home. In the event of an emergency, you always want to have food for both you and your pets in the pantry.

Diverse Food

The best stores carry a wide range of dog and cat food, each of which is designed to offer options best suited to your unique pets. Cats and dogs are subject to the same ailments and diseases as you are, and they may also have special dietary needs. Your vet may recommend a certain brand of food for your pet, and the right Pet Store in Corvallis, OR will have everything you need in stock to keep your pet healthy. Contact us to learn more about our available products and the cost-effective prices we offer.


With the exception of some dog parks, it is required by law that all dogs and cats be on a leash when on public property. The right pet store will have a wide range of leashes, vests, and harnesses to help you uphold the law and to keep your pet comfortable during a walk. Dogs with thick chests, for example, are better off with a harness than a leash that connects directly to their collar. These reduce the unpleasant pull of the leash on their throat, and it will help your dog remain comfortable even if they pull or tug on the line. Other products, such as bird food, treats, and toys are also available to keep your pets entertained and healthy.

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