If you’ve ever inadvertently left a cold drink on a wooden table without a coaster protecting its surface, you’re probably well aware of the damage a little moisture can create. No matter how quickly you dry up the ring of water left behind, you’re likely to have a slightly discolored circle constantly reminding you of your oversight until you refinish the entire table top. Imagine the level of destruction a few inches of water could generate if spread across an entire room or throughout your home.

Water Damage in West Sacramento CA begins almost immediately following a broken pipe, flood, sewage backup, or fire extinguishment. Water spreads from its source, either flowing through or surrounding everything in its wake. Walls, flooring, furniture, and other porous surfaces soak it up like a sponge, and once it permeates these items, it continues to spread well above and beyond its initial saturation point.

The same type of staining and discoloration exhibited on the previously-mentioned wooden table takes place but on a much larger scale. Swelling and warping take hold shortly thereafter. If the water destroying your home comes from sewage or natural flooding, contamination is also an issue. All this happens in a matter of hours, and the longer moisture is allowed to stand, the more Water Damage in West Sacramento CA you’ll face.

Within 48 hours, mold can set in and create further damage as well as health concerns. This fungus actually feeds on wood products and other organic materials, ultimately destroying them. When it comes in direct contact with skin or is inhaled, it can lead to respiratory problems, infections, rashes, and an array of other issues.

Water damage happens fairly rapidly, and once it reaches a certain point, it’s irreversible. Quickly eliminating standing water and any moisture left behind is crucial. At the same time, ridding your home and belongings of contamination is vital to your family’s health. If the restoration process begins before widespread permanent damage sets in, your home and many of your possessions can be saved. Contact SERVPRO of Davis/Woodland as soon as possible following a water event in your home so their team can mitigate the destruction.

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