If you want to make sure your water heater lasts for a decade or more, then you need to have regular inspections and maintenance performed. It only takes a plumbing professional a short matter of time to routinely perform tasks that will extend your water heater’s life.

Checking the Temperature

When a plumber inspects water heaters in Brandon, MS, he or she first checks the temperature setting on the water heater. The temperature dial is located on a knob on a gas water heater and is represented by a thermostat on the panel of an electric water heater.

Inspecting the T&P Valve

Because the temperature and pressure (T&P) valve are crucial to the safe and smooth operation of your water heater, it should be routinely checked as well. In order to test the T&P valve on water heaters, plumbers lift the lever partially, then let go of it and allow it to snap back in place. A gurgling sound should be heard as the component releases some water into the drain tube. If this sound is not heard or the valve is not operational, it needs to be replaced.

Sediment Removal

It is also important to remove sediments at the bottom of the water heater tank. Removing sediments in the tanks of water heaters prevents corrosion and rust and enhances efficiency. You might consider initiating a full drain and flush to remove the residue. The full flush process is a bit involved and necessitates the shutdown of the water heater itself.

A mini-flush also works well and permits the plumber or homeowner to perform the task while the device is still running. To remove sediments using this process, a bucket is placed under the drain valve, which is located toward the bottom of the tank. The valve is turned counter-clockwise so the water can be released.

Click here to find out more about regular servicing of your water heater and plumbing system in your home. Regular checks and preventative maintenance will save you money on energy and other related maintenance expenses.

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