Back and neck pain is one of the most common types of pain reported and that’s why many patients seek out neck pain relief Castle Rock, CO to get the relief they crave. Here are several ways to help keep your neck and spine healthy and happy:

Choose the Proper Mattress for Neck Pain Relief Castle Rock CO
When you lie down, it gives your spine a chance to relax, but if you choose the wrong mattress then your spine won’t get the support it needs to be healthy. It’s vital to choose the proper mattress and pillow, and the neck pain relief Castle Rock Co specialists can help you with that task depending on your preferred sleep position and specific neck or back problem.

Exercising your core strengthens abs and back muscles
The abdominal muscles or abs and your muscles in your back need to be strong to be able to support your spine and therefore your neck and back. You can keep them strong by doing some easy exercises that can be done in less than half an hour every day. Do things like stretching, walking, etc.

Wearing the right shoes supports the spine
Another important thing that can help keep your spine healthy and happy is to wear the proper shoes that support the back. This will keep your back and body in perfect alignment. It’s best to make sure your heel area in a show is snug, but not too tight, because this prevents your foot from rolling from side to side.

All in all, if you are in the Castle Rock, CO area and have back or neck pain, then you can get some advice from the neck pain relief Castle Rock CO specialists at Parker Integrative Health via a free consultation by calling 303-841-9565 today.

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