Alpharetta is a small city with a population of just over 60,000. It is a suburb situated to the north of Atlanta. However, if you run a business in Alpharetta, it is recommended that you create a website for it. A website helps you expand your overall audience. For instance, if you create and market your website in Alpharetta, you can get visitors from Alpharetta and other parts of Georgia. Your website will be visible to anybody who has access to the internet. However, if your business services are only restricted to Atlanta and its suburbs, you will only be concerned about local visitors.

What most people don’t realize is that the design of your website is very important. Many companies offer services related to web design in Alpharetta. The web design determines whether people will be interested in visiting your page or not. Let’s first understand the constituent parts of a good website design.

The Layout

The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is the layout. The layout is one of the most important components of a properly designed website. Most websites follow a very simplistic layout. Navigational tabs are at the top, while at the bottom of the page are all the links to the different pages. This is predictable, and easy for people to navigate through.

However, if you are creating a shopping website, you may want to consider an alternative. For example, you might want all the categories shown on the left hand side of the page. Or, you may want a shopping cart that is constantly updated and refreshed. Either way, the choice depends on you. A good layout is one which is not cluttered and displays all the relevant items on the screen.

The Colors

Another important component of a good web design is the choice of color. Do you go with a dark colored theme or play it safe with brighter colors? Some of the most popular websites generally use a white background with a multitude of different colors. The world’s most popular social networks generally use shades of blue. Some prefer darker colors, such as black. Others might opt for lighter shades.


What you write and how you write it has a major impact on your web design. Effective typography is a crucial component of a good web design. You must use a good, legible font. For instance, you can’t use Comic Sans MS on a website designed to report news or publish articles. The headings must be attractive and properly constructed. The effective use of whitespace is also important, and contributes greatly to the overall design of your website.

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