There are many turntables on the market to choose from today, but there is nothing like the old charm of a good-quality used record player. Buying a used record player is a great opportunity to obtain a high-quality audio equipment and save money. Those who want to buy a used record player in Philadelphia, should consider the following factors.

Main factors to know when purchasing a Used Record Player in Philadelphia

  • The buyer should become familiar with the various types of record players that are available. Having a clear understanding of the mechanical components and features can help a buyer make an informed decision.
  • Most turntables have similar components or features, but there are certain turntables that are made for a particular style of music.
  • Finding a reputable store or seller is important in buying a good record player.
  • How much a person should spend on a recorder depends on the sound quality desired.
  • Does the record player accommodate 78, 45, and 33 RPM record standards? Some record players may include just two speeds, while other manufacturers build some that have all three.
  • Make sure that the replacement parts, such as tone arms and needles, are available in case these parts need to be replaced.
  • The player must be compatible with the existing modern audio equipment.
  • Does it have an auto-start that will automatically move and lower the arm to a playing position?
  • Does it have an auto-stop that will turn off the player when the record has finished playing?
  • Some vintage recorders may also have a cassette deck to play old cassettes. This is an added feature that a buyer can have without having to purchase additional equipment.
  • A used record player may need a special input that may not be included in the most modern audio equipment. Check to see if there is a built-in pre-amplifier by simply looking for the input marked “phono.” If a pre-amplifier is needed, then it must be compatible with the existing modern audio equipment.
  • The assembly may be a little tedious, but if the instructions are carefully read it can make the task at hand easier.

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