Those who suffer from drugs or alcohol addictions will, most of the time, need help overcoming their addiction. Once they realize the impact it’s having on their life and decide they do want to get the help they need, they’re going to want to look into the options they have for Addiction Therapy in Broward County FL carefully to determine which program might be right for them. They will have the option of choosing between inpatient and outpatient programs to receive the help they need.

Inpatient Programs for Addictions

Inpatient programs are where the person moves into a rehab facility to start their recovery. The length of time they might stay here depends on them and their addiction. They can typically stay until they feel they can live outside of the facility without returning to drugs or alcohol. They have the ability to receive therapy and other services throughout their stay that are designed to help them learn more about their addiction, how they can recover from the addiction, and how they can avoid returning to addictive substances in the future.

Outpatient Programs for Addictions

While inpatient programs can be extremely beneficial, some people do need the same help but must continue to hold down a job and provide for their family. If a person needs help and must have it outside of their work hours, an outpatient program might be better for them. These programs are designed around typical working hours so there are services available during the evening for people who work a nine to five job and daytime hours for those who work overnight positions for their job. Standard and intensive programs meet multiple times a week for the person to get the help they need.

If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, take the first step in your recovery today by getting more information about Addiction Therapy in Broward County FL. Visit the website for Nextep at to learn more about their inpatient and outpatient programs. Contact them to get the help you need to determine which program might be right for your situation and to ensure you’re going to get the help you need now.

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