When a person is recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery, they may need home health care so they do not have to stay in the hospital and can recover comfortably at home. Through Home Health Care in Bethesda, doctors can make sure their patients are receiving the care they need since the home health care nurses report back to the doctor and receive instruction on how to care for the patient. With this information, patients can understand what they can expect from their care provided at home.

The frequency of home health care visits will depend on what the doctor has ordered. Some patients will need daily care while others may only need care once to twice a week. The first visit will typically occur within a couple of days of a person leaving the hospital. This first visit will typically be the longest and may take up to two hours since the nurse will need to meet with the patient to determine any symptoms they are having.

Home health nurses carry out these vital services:

* Check vital signs

* Check for medication compliance and instruct a patient on how and when to take their medication

* Check any wounds and apply treatment and bandaging

* Check any IVs and replace fluid bags

Home health nurses can also help patients with their personal care chores such as going to the bathroom and bathing. Some home health nurses may also help with light chores around the home such as preparing meals and cleaning.

Nurses who provide care for patients at home receive doctor’s orders for providing them with instruction on how to care for a patient. These orders are followed exactly and the nurse reports any changes that may need to be made based on how the patient is responding.

Those who are in need of home health care in Bethesda should click here. Home health care nurses provide beneficial services that help to protect a person’s health and allow them to recover in the comfort of their home without being subjected to staying in a hospital. Since a doctor will need to order home health services, one should first see their primary care physician to get started.

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