Dental bonding is one of the most affordable ways of perfecting minor cosmetic concerns in the teeth. Bonding is somewhat like veneers in the approach. Although bonding results do not last as long as veneers, this type of cosmetic treatment can be used in a variety of different ways to satisfactorily correct minor damage, gaps, and discolorations. Knowing what to expect from Dental Bonding in New London CT can make a huge difference in helping a person to be prepared.

Dental bonding is the bonding of a tooth-colored material to the teeth. A special resin is mixed and shaded until it blends in perfectly with the patient’s teeth. Once tooth bonding has been carried out, it is considered permanent. Although it is possible to chip the material, it is highly unlikely the bonding material would ever fall off with normal care. Some people will need to have their bonding touched up or repaired within five years of having work done.

The process of teeth bonding does not cause any pain so a local anesthetic will rarely be necessary unless a cavity is being repaired with bonding. The dentist will carefully roughen the tooth with a special paste or tool and then will apply a tooth conditioner. The conditioner prepares the surface area of the tooth so the bonding resin will be able to properly bond with the tooth tissue permanently.

Once the tooth is ready, the dental resin will be applied, smoothed, and shaped so that it looks as natural as possible. The dentist then uses a special light to cure the resin which normally takes one to two minutes. Once cured, the newly bonded tooth can be further shaped and polished so it is smooth and shines like the surrounding teeth.

This process takes around 30 to 60 minutes for each tooth and is not appropriate for all teeth. To learn if your cosmetic imperfections can be repaired with Dental Bonding in New London CT, Click Here. To learn more about this and other procedures, visit . This dental team works to make sure their patients’ smiles are healthy and beautiful so they can smile with full confidence.

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