When a person’s teeth are lost due to injuries, decay, or gum disease, they can often experience many difficulties. Aside from the aesthetic issues, a lack of teeth can prevent a person from eating a healthy diet and leave them stuck consuming liquids and mushy foods. Although dentures have been around for many years, they are now more advanced than ever before. The dentures of today look and perform more naturally so people can experience dramatic improvements in their appearance and diet. This information will help people understand what they can expect when getting Dentures in Kona.

To find out if one is a good candidate for Dentures in Kona, it is important they are evaluated by the dentist. The dentist can examine the patient’s gums and ensure there is no disease present. They can also check to make sure there is ample bone tissue in the jaw so the denture plates can be supported fully. At this appointment, the dentist will likely extract any remaining teeth that may be present so the dentures can be put in place once prepared.

The dentist will need to create impressions and help the patient determine what type of look they are seeking for their end result. A dental lab will create the dentures from the impressions and the specifications notated by the dentist. It is important the dentures are made to exact specifications to ensure they provide a good fit and will not slip around on the gum plates.

Although it can take a time to grow accustomed to wearing dentures, most people find they are able to quickly adapt and enjoy being able to properly chew their food again and smile with confidence. Dentures can allow a person to regain their self-confidence.

If you are interested in dentures, it is important you schedule an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible. For further information on dentures or other dental treatments, visit the website of Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. Dentures can give you back a smile you have been missing. Call the office today and allow them to schedule your consultation appointment so you can get started on the process.

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