Child custody lawyers in Temecula know how important it is for their clients to have the right lifestyles during custody battles. The home environment a parent can provide for a child is a major consideration in any custody battle. If a parent is out partying every other day of the week and hanging around people who aren’t considered good influences, a favorable ruling shouldn’t be expected. Social media isn’t helping some parents with their custody cases. Even if parents aren’t posting anything to their pages, their friends may be posting pictures on their own pages of the parents hanging out at bars and clubs.

Child custody lawyers in Temecula also know an older child’s wishes might carry a lot of weight in the courtroom. It can be really hard for a parent to gain custody of a child who is very vocal about wanting to live with the other parent. If that’s the case, the parent with whom the child doesn’t want to live might be best served by just trying to keep a healthy relationship with the child. Fighting the wishes of the child could lead to the child growing very angry. Parents should really only be concerned with what is best for their children during custody disputes, which might not be necessarily what a parent wants.

Getting professional counseling can sometimes help with custody cases. A parent can go to counseling with his or her child. Understand that a family therapist doesn’t have to make a custody recommendation to help a parent out. A judge can take a lot from a therapist’s testimony. At the very least, going to therapy with a child shows that a parent is trying to provide emotional support for his or her child during a difficult time in that child’s life.

Parents who are fighting for custody of their children can contact the Law Office of Michelle Penna or visit the website of another family law lawyer to get help. Those who are fighting for custody should pay attention to any court orders. A lawyer won’t be of much help if a parent is constantly violating the orders of a judge. Understand that lawyers can help clarify court orders so that parents don’t violate them by mistake.

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