When people think of the term civil harassment, the first thing that usually comes to mind is sexual harassment. In fact, in 2016, there were 12,860 sexual harassment lawsuits identified in the United States. But civil harassment is more than that; it also includes racial discrimination, age discrimination, and other kinds of harassment. When these things occur, they become harassment when the attention is unwarranted or if the threat is taken seriously. There are civil harassment lawyers in Temecula who represent clients with these issues. Here is information that clients should understand about civil harassment lawsuits in California.

Clearly defined, civil harassment is abuse, sexual assaults, stalking, the threat of abuse, and grave harassment that takes place with someone the defendant has not dated or is not close to. This could define a lot of people. For example, a neighbor, a distant relative, a friend (that the plaintiff has not dated), a roommate the plaintiff has not dated, and other people the plaintiff is not close to. With a civil harassment lawsuit, the plaintiff has the right to request a restraining order.

The types of restraining orders used include temporary restraining orders, permanent restraining orders, emergency restraining orders, and criminal protective orders. The first restraining order is just that: a simple restraining instrument that prevents the perpetrator from coming near the plaintiff for as long as the judge sets the order. The permanent restraining order really is not permanent in practice. It lasts about five years. Emergency protective orders are put in place when the scenario involves stalking or some other serious threat.

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