Before the cold of winter strikes and homeowners need to turn on their heaters, it is important they take several steps for heating system maintenance in Bethesda. Maintaining a heater means making sure all of the components are in good condition and ready to heat the home safely. Ideally, one should have a professional come out for a full inspection of their heater each year. There are some maintenance tasks a homeowner can carry out themselves to ensure they prolong the life of their system.

One of the most important things a homeowner can do to maintain their heater is to make sure they change the filter on a regular basis. Most manufacturers recommend owners change their filters every ninety days during use. Depending on the amount of use, an owner may need to change them more frequently. It behooves an owner to check their filter once a month to make sure it is not becoming dirty. If dirt begins to build up, it will not allow for proper air circulation which can cause the system to perform poorly and even overheat.

This checklist will ensure a heater works safely and effectively to heat a home:

*    Check to make sure there are at least two feet around all sides of the outdoor heating unit. It is also important to make sure there are no obstructions from weeds or high grass that would choke the system and cause it to work improperly.

*    It is important homeowners check the lines that are running into their home for any frays or damage. If these lines become damaged, they need to be replaced immediately to ensure the safe operation of the unit.

*    Homeowners need to check to make sure their registers are not blocked in any way. If more than 20% of the registers are blocked, this can place the system under a strain which can lessen its life and performance.

If you are in need of heating system maintenance in Bethesda, contact Accel Heating and Cooling. They are the HVAC experts homeowners can rely on for system maintenance and repair. Call them right away to schedule your heater maintenance appointment.

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