While it took some time to choose colors and materials and to arrange the financing, that new Roofing in Bloomington IL is finally in place. Now that the job is done, the homeowner can begin to reap all the benefits that come with a brand new roof. Here are some of the things that the owner will enjoy now and in the years to come.

The Home Looks Different

Many homeowners underestimate the impact that roofs have on the overall appearance of their houses. Since the owner chose to go with a different color for the new Roofing in Bloomington IL, the change is significant. Those new colors help to bring out some of the hues found in the brick facade that the owner never noticed before. Overall, that new roof has given the home a facelift without the need to change anything else.

The House is Tighter

As roofs age, they do tend to allow more air seepage into the house. The result is that it takes more energy to heat and cool the place. With the new roof installed, the homeowner is likely to notice a change in the heating and cooling bills. If the new roof is installed just before summer and lighter colors are chosen, the owner is likely to notice the air conditioner runs less often in the months to come.

The Market Value is Protected

If the owner decides to pull up stakes in a couple of years and move, the fact the roof is not that old will be a major selling point. Prospective buyers will like the newer roof for the look, but also because they will not have to replace it anytime soon. The new roof increases the odds of getting a reasonable offer and being able to sell the property sooner rather than later.

If the idea of a new roof has a certain appeal, click here to investigate more info about the styles, colors, and costs. Have a professional visit the home and determine if the new roof can be installed over the old one or if it’s time to rip everything away and start fresh. Once the work is done, the homeowner will not regret it.

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