What Is Included in a European Facial?

by | May 19, 2017 | Salons and Spas

A European facial is all about pampering. European facials are time honored traditions that are renowned for their multi-stage process. However, the most important thing to remember about a European facial is that they are adaptable for all skin types. The following steps are included in a European facial.

1. Cleansing. Starting with welcoming and soothing hot towels, the cleansing process begins. The European facial technician will adapt the cleansing method and products to suit your needs. With the use of steam and hot towels, the pores are opened to allow for a deeper cleansing than would otherwise be impossible with products alone.

2. Exfoliation. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells. Dead skin cells cause your skin to lose its vibrancy and feel rough to the touch. The exfoliation process used during the European facial is gentle but removes the dead skin to reveal the fresh, smooth layer beneath. The new layer of skin is as soft as a baby and sensitive, which is why the next steps are critical.

3. Massage. During the European facial it is not just the face alone that receives a special massage, but also the neck and shoulders for total relaxation. The oil products used are specially formulated and non-comedogenic.

4. Tone. After the skin has been totally soothed and relaxed, the European facial also includes a special toner that will firm up the skin and help close the pores.

5. Moisturizer and sunscreen. Finally, your renewed skin will drink deep of the high quality moisturizer used during the European facial. In most cases, sunscreen will also be applied because your skin will be especially sensitive after the European facial and it is important to keep yourself protected from the harmful rays.

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