Masonry is an ancient profession; it is a profession that invokes images of craftsmen of many ages chiseling away forming blocks of stone into various shapes and sizes. With the rapid evolution of more sophisticated building materials such as faux stone, brick and concrete one would be excused if he or she thought that masonry in Chicago had almost died out. This would be a mistake, masons are as important today as they ever have been, they are called upon in the building industry to do everything from removing graffiti from stone work to cutting and fitting stone as they have done for centuries.

New buildings:

Although many houses that are built today use brick as an external veneer that does not mean that stone masons are no longer needed during the construction of new homes. Although the veneer may be brick, stone masons are used where the architect has designed a building that uses the best from both modern and ancient building methods. Extremely impressive homes and commercial structures use a combination of stone and new materials.

Although it would be rare to find a house built entirely of natural stone today, stone cladding is being used more and more to give the impression of a stone house. Masons can clad a property in stone, adding a great deal of curb appeal and value without costing a fortune.


Many artisans that are involved in masonry in Chicago are called upon to restore age old building facades. Although stone will last innumerable centuries it will eventually become stained and dirty and stones can become loose in the mortar. Stone masons can restore natural stone to the appearance it has when it was first laid up.

From new construction to the renovation of period properties, masonry in Chicago provides an array of unique services that result in premium finishes for any project.
Masonry is an ancient art that is still in demand today for new and old buildings. If you need to arrange for masonry in Chicago you are invited to contact and also follow us on Twitter.

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