Rhinoplasty is a specific plastic surgical treatment that is used to alter the look of an individual’s nose or to repair damage; the common term that is used is “nose job.”

There are a number of valid reasons why a person would need rhinoplasty in Chicago. If a person should be involved in an accident and the nose is broken, it can often heal improperly, the nose can heal crooked. Many people are born with a deviated septum which is a common congenital defect that has a detrimental effect on breathing. The correction of a defect in the septum will result in significantly easier breathing. A broken nose or a defective septum are reasons for having rhinoplasty which are medical necessities, another quite common reason is aesthetics. In the event a person simply is not happy with the shape or size of their nose it can be changed by a plastic surgeon.

There are two basic surgical techniques that are used. One technique works from inside the nose via the nostrils while the other common method employed makes use of small incisions across the nose which allows the surgeon access to the bone and cartilage of the nose. Both methods normally require that the nose be broken so that it can be reset properly. The surgeon can remove pieces of nasal bone and cartilage to shorten the nose or reshape the bone in an effort to lengthen and narrow it. The angle of the nose can be changed, there is very little that cannot be done by a skilled surgeon. In some cases the surgeon will not only use cartilage from the patients nose but he or she may also employ a prosthetic to get the shape the patient desires.

As the work is done inside the nostril in the first method there will be no visible scaring, this may not be the case when incisions are made on the outside of the nose although, even if there is a slight scar it will usually be unnoticeable. During the procedure the patient will been given general anesthesia; although recent trends in plastic surgery tends to favor either general anesthesia or conscious sedation. The recovery time from rhinoplasty in Chicago is only a few days and the patient is simply advised to rest. The nose may not look favorable at first as there will be considerable bruising and swelling but over time the patient’s nose will look exactly as desired.

Rhinoplasty in Chicago is used to change the shape of a person’s nose or to repair a nose which has been broken at one time. Browse our website for more details.

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