The best performance; whether it is from a thoroughbred race horse or a high-performance car, comes from constant improvement of the breed. In the case of a high performance automobile, many people tend to focus exclusively on the engine, there is far more to making a car go fast than just that. Actually the truth is pretty simple; you can build an engine with a phenomenal amount of horsepower, but if you try to put all that power through anything less than a transmission that can handle it, it all goes to waste. This is why wise racers and their crews insist on using tried and proven performance transmission parts.

Of course, even a factory transmission has to be built to withstand the rigors of use and abuse and must be able to deliver predictable performance for years.

Strength and reliability, the hallmarks of a high performance transmission:
Factory spec transmissions are actually great components, but no matter how great they are there is a limit to how much torque and horsepower they can handle. A factory transmission will always cope nicely with whatever engine is installed in the factory but, if you decide to plug in a brute of an engine, you had also better plug in a brute of a transmission.

What makes a performance transmission different?
What makes the difference between a stock and high performance transmission is the use of performance transmission parts. Every performance transmission starts as a factory stock unit, although the external appearance is the same, the internal components are certainly not.

The stock transmission is torn down and inspected, components such as the clutch packs are replaced with high performance variants which are made from high quality steel which can stand the abuse. The pump and valve body are upgraded and the finished assemblies are put through rigorous testing. Once completed, a transmission that has been upgraded for performance use can handle whatever horsepower you put through it.

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