Connecticut dental patients have access to more improved devices for correcting tooth damage. Among these beneficial options are veneers. Traditionally, these devices are created of strong acrylic. However, new options are available to correct any damage. porcelain veneers in Orange CT are these new products available to local dental patients.

Covering Discoloration and Severe Staining

Veneers are more advantageous for correcting discoloration than whitening treatments. These devices are connected to the exterior of the tooth enamel. They provide a more permanent solution to these common problems. With porcelain devices, the patient could acquire a stronger bond onto their tooth. This could provide them with a longer-lasting veneer for these purposes.

Straightening Misshapen Teeth

Teeth that aren’t shaped symmetrically could hinder the patient’s appearance. Veneers are used to correct misshapen teeth to make them proportionate to surrounding teeth. This presents them with a more aesthetically pleasing smile. These devices are a great option for correcting teeth that are longer than others. They could also correct speak difficulties for the patient based on the shape or size of their teeth.

Correcting Simple Alignment Issues

Simple alignment issues are corrected with veneers. The dentist can trim teeth that are overlapping and correct the alignment. They use veneers to bond to the teeth and cover up these modifications to the smile. This presents patients with a straighter smile. This option is more effective than installing braces. They provide an immediate solution instead of requiring the patient to wear braces for up to two years.

Completed in One Dental Visit

Veneers are installed in one dental visit. However, if the patient requires more complex procedures, the dentist may perform them during separate appointments. These devices are bonded to the exterior of tooth enamel and cured with an ultraviolet light. This ensures a proper bond and prevents the device from separating from the tooth.

Connecticut patients acquire veneers for a variety of reasons. These devices are available in acrylic and porcelain options. The dentist evaluates the patients’ teeth to determine what option is right for them. Patients who wish to acquire porcelain veneers in Orange CT should visit to schedule an appointment or learn more about these devices today.

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