When a personal injury happens, victims are often confused about the process they must go through to be compensated for their losses. Unfortunately, many injured victims end up making mistakes in the process of pursuing their claim. Some do not realize they can benefit from hiring an attorney so they end up pursuing their claim alone, which can lead to adverse outcomes. This information will help prepare injured victims for pursuing their injury claim so they will know the steps they need to take before they hire a personal injury attorney in Rochester MN.

Before a victim even calls a lawyer, they need to make sure they have informed the proper authorities. Automobile accidents, dog bites, and assault may require a victim to file a police report. Police reports are vital for ensuring a victim is able to prove liability in their injury claim. Most police reports become available within twenty-four hours after they are filed so a victim should plan on picking up a copy for their records.

If a physical injury occurred, it is crucial a victim seeks medical treatment right away, especially in the event of life-threatening injuries. Medical records are one of the key pieces of evidence that must be used to pursue an injury claim. Since the full burden of proof rests on the shoulders of the injured victim, it is crucial for them to have medical records to back up their injury claim.

If there were any eyewitnesses to the event that caused the personal injury, a victim needs to make sure they document the names and contact information so they can be contacted by the attorney. These individuals will likely be called to testify if the claim ends up going to court.

All of these pieces of information should be brought in when a victim meets with the Personal Injury Attorney in Rochester MN. With the statute of limitations being two years in the state of Minnesota, it is important a victim does not delay in seeking an attorney.

If you would like to schedule your consultation appointment, please call Rolsch Law Offices. They will be happy to meet with you and discuss your case to help you determine the right recourse for receiving fair compensation. With the help of a lawyer, the process of pursuing your claim will be much easier.

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