Most employees who are injured on the job are entitled to workers compensation. There can be problems with this however and it is when there are problems that the injured individual will normally turn to an El Monte workers compensation attorney. An example of where there may be problems with making a claim is if the systems associated with the injury do not manifest for some time after the incident, it is possible that the individual did not realize that there was an injury. In the majority of cases accidents which result in injury have to be reported in a short period of time otherwise the claim for workers compensation can be denied. If you are involved in an accident in your place of employment report it at once regardless of whether you think you are injured or not. Even if you were not injured just the accident report may be enough of a stimulus to prompt the employer into implementing safety measures which will prevent any future injuries.

By law, workers compensation insurance must be given to all employees. In exchange for the grant of workers comp the law is written in such a way that any employee who does suffer a workplace injury cannot sue the employer. The employee does not have to prove any negligence on the part of the employer; the employee can even claim workers comp benefits if the injury was a result of his or her own negligent act. When there is an injury due to a workplace accident and the injured employee was drunk or under the influence of illegal drugs then there is no coverage.

If you sustain an injury at work it is important that you report to your supervisor and see a doctor immediately. If the injury warrants it ask to be taken to the local emergency room otherwise find out from the employer if the company has a specific doctor or whether you are free to choose your own. If the company has a doctor and you are not in agreement with the doctors evaluation you have the right to request a second opinion however, the fee of the second doctor may have to be paid by yourself rather than the insurance. Depending on the extent of the injury it might be wise to consult with an El Monte workers compensation attorney; you stand to lose a lot if you simply agree with the findings of the company doctor.

If you are not satisfied with the way your compensation claim is going then you may be well advised to hire an El Monte workers compensation attorney to protect your rights. Visit the site to know more.

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