Louisiana property owners need to evaluate insurance policies to protect their property. The coverage is available for all residential and commercial properties as well as automobiles and boats. A local insurance agent in Lake Charles, LA could present these owners with customized policies to meet their unique needs.

Is Additional Auto Coverage Necessary?

The state of Louisiana doesn’t require automobile owners to maintain any insurance beyond standard liability coverage. However, additional coverage provides more protection for the automobile owner. Collision coverage helps pay for the cost of repairing the automobile owner’s vehicle. Uninsured motorist coverage pays for any additional costs that accumulate due to the accountable driver failing to comply with insurance laws. Comprehensive is the highest coverage offered to vehicle owners.

What Value is Available for the Replacement of Your Home?

The homeowner should evaluate their policy to determine the exact value provided if their home is a total loss. Homeowner’s insurance policies provide either the true replacement value or the current market value. The true replacement value reflects the total cost required to rebuild the property. The current market value is based on the price that similar properties have sold in the most recent months. While the policy providing true replacement could equate to a higher overall cost each month, it provides the highest level of protection for the homeowner.

What is Available Through Home-Based Business Insurance?

Home-based businesses need coverage just like any other business. They need coverage for the equipment used to operate the business and any inventory stored inside the home. The owner also needs liability coverage to protect them against contract issues, product’s liabilities, and premise’s liabilities. The coverage could provide the owner with the option to provide a settlement if they become the defendant in a lawsuit.

Louisiana property owners need coverage for all their properties. The coverage available to them presents funds to pay for repairs and replacement when damage occurs. The owner acquires the coverage by submitting a monthly premium to their preferred insurance agency. Property owners who need to evaluate potential policies should contact an insurance agent in Lake Charles LA at Curtis Insurance of Louisiana for more information.

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