If you have carpet remnants left over after a new carpet installation, you may be wondering just what to do with them. Carpet remnants are the cuttings that remain once the installer has finished placing your carpeting. Often people look for remnants for specific projects, however if you already have them, you have a wide range of options available. Understanding what to do with carpet remnants can aid you in putting your leftover carpeting to good use.

Welcome mats

Remnants are great at being turned into welcome mats. Make sure to cut the remnant down to the size of a standard welcome mat so that it can fit properly into your doorway. You can customize your welcome mat to fit your design tastes and preferences. You can also have your kids join in to helping make the perfect mat by decorating it with fabric paint. This is just one of the many ways that remnants can be used at home.

Use them as kitchen rugs

Kitchen rugs often get stained and undergo a lot of wear and tear. When you have run out of kitchen mats, you can get remnants to use instead. They are cheaper and also contribute to the health of the environment. With remnants being used as kitchen rugs, you can feel confident knowing that you are recycling your carpeting in a responsible way. Remnants are some of the cheapest kitchen rugs you can find and they can be selected in the color that best meets your needs.

Perfect for crafting

When you need a perfect surface for craft time to cover up the flooring for messy projects, remnants offer the ideal solution. You can use remnants underneath spray painting, furniture staining, or for any other similar use. This is one of the best ways to use remnants that have been left over after a carpeting installation.

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