In Maryland, dental patients visit their dental professionals routinely to manage their oral care. The dentist provides annual and semi-annual services to mitigate common risks. They also provide restorative services to prevent tooth loss. The following is information about what patients should expect from a Dentist in Annapolis.

Basic Dental Services

The basic dental services include annual, comprehensive exams of the teeth and gums. The dentist acquires x-rays each year to assess the patient’s mouth to determine if any issues exist. They explore teeth that are becoming sensitive that may have been damaged. They also review wisdom and adult teeth for children and teens.

In addition to these services, the dentist provides semi-annual cleanings. They are performed by a hygienist. The hygienist provides standard cleaning services as well as scaling and planing.

Reconstruction for Serious Injuries

If a patient has sustained serious injuries to the mouth, they will need reconstructive services. The dentist can address dislodged teeth as well as damage and issues with the gums. If they don’t perform more complex services for reconstruction, they can refer the patients to an oral surgeon for additional assistance.

Oral Surgeries for Adverse Conditions

Standard oral surgeries are performed for adverse conditions. These conditions include but are not limited to root canals, wisdom teeth extractions, and crown installations. The dentist can perform these services in their office without great difficulty. In instances in which anesthesia is used, the patient will need someone to drive them home after their appointment.

Cosmetic Opportunities Through Dentistry

Cosmetic services are also available through a local dentist. These treatments include options to make the teeth look more aesthetically pleasing. This includes teeth whitening, veneer placement, and dental implant installations. The dentist can provide a wide variety of elective treatments and services to improve the look of the smile.

In Maryland, dental patients need high-quality dentistry to address complex concerns. These conditions could lead to damage ultimately and require repairs. The dentist must provide assistance in lowering these risks by providing necessary treatments quickly. Patients who need to visit the Dentist in Annapolis can contact Annapolis Dental Associates for an appointment today.

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