For a man, one of the most important parts of a marriage proposal is the ring that he presents to his love. Unfortunately, many men don’t know much about buying an engagement ring. There are several decisions that need to be made regarding the ring. Before he goes out shopping for diamond engagement rings in Colorado Springs, there are a few things that he should know about rings.

Choosing the Band

The first decision that needs to be made is what type of band to choose. This one should be pretty easy. If the woman wears yellow gold jewelry, the band should be yellow gold. If not, white gold and platinum are good options. Deciding between white gold and platinum would depend on the man’s budget. Platinum is more expensive than white gold.

The Setting

Choosing a setting is a bit more difficult than choosing the band. There are plenty of settings available and unless the woman has mentioned what type of ring she would like, the man will have no idea what to choose. The best way to choose the perfect setting is to ask the woman’s friends or family members. Chances are she has spoken to people close to her about engagement rings at one point or another. There is nothing wrong with getting a little help in when choosing the setting.

The Diamond

Most women would love a 5 karat diamond ring. Unfortunately, for most men, this would be way out of their budget. When choosing the size of the diamond, the man should go with something that he can afford. If he overextends himself, he won’t have enough money to pay for the most important thing, the wedding. The man also needs to choose the shape of the diamond. There are heart shaped, pear shaped, princess cut, round, and oval shaped diamonds. If the man doesn’t know what shape his lady would like, he can again go to her family and friends. Finally, comes the color and the clarity of the diamond. The diamond shouldn’t look cloudy and it shouldn’t look yellow. If the man is working with a reputable jeweler, he will likely get a high-quality diamond.

While the way the man proposes is important, the ring is even more important If he knows what to look for when shopping for Diamond Engagement Rings in Colorado Springs, they should do their research. For more information, contact us.

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