Yoga is incredible versatile, with practitioners using it for everything from stress relief, to endurance training, to a way to build and tone muscles. Its popularity is only growing, with new practitioners being drawn to yoga every day. There are downloads and ways to practice at home, but many people prefer to go to a studio to take advantage of in-person time with a qualified instructor. While no two yoga studios are identical, there are a few common things that clients can expect from a reputable studio. Knowing what to look for in a yoga studio in Chicago can help you find the right one.

Flexible Class Time

There’s no point in finding a great studio if you aren’t able to attend the classes on a regular basis, or if attending those classes causes additional stress or complication in your life. Find a studio that offers class times that work with your schedule. Many yoga studios have their class schedule posted online, to help save you time hunting it down. In addition to flexible class times, you may also want to find a studio that offers flexible payment plans as well. For example, you may not be able to pay at the studio if you attend a late class, so you may benefit from a studio that can accept online payments.

Compatible Instructors

One thing not many people consider ahead of time, but is actually incredibly important, are the personalities of the instructors. If you find that you simply aren’t compatible with your instructor, you won’t be motivated to attend the sessions. It can be hard to get a feel for a personality through a website, but there may be a chance for you to pay a drop in fee to see what a session is like. Alternatively, contact the studio and speak with the instructor on the phone.

Additional Services

Keep your eye out for a studio that can offer alternate services in addition to yoga. If you are at all interested in taking additional classes it may be helpful to attend the same location for all your fitness needs. This helps you keep track of monthly payments much better, and in some cases you may even save money by using the same location for multiple services.

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