Facing a conviction for driving under the influence is nothing to take lightly. If convicted, the impact can last for a long time. Rather than face the charge alone, it makes sense to hire an attorney who can provide DUI help in Morgantown, WV. Here are some of the things that the attorney can do on behalf of the client.

A Complete Review of the Arrest

In order to provide DUI help in Morgantown, WV, the attorney must have a complete understanding of what occurred before, during, and after the arrest. The client may wonder why the attorney is so interested in all these seemingly meaningless details. What the client doesn’t realize is that there may be something about the situation that actually has a significant impact on the arrest. If the attorney comes across any detail that indicates the arresting officer failed to act within the limits of current laws, it may be possible to have the case dismissed.

The Client’s Conduct

Assessing the conduct of the client during the event is also important. Was the client cooperative or was there any type of altercation? Assuming the client did not resist the officer, it may be possible to make use of that fact and provide the judge with the room needed to apply some leniency.

Review of the Client’s Prior Record

The attorney will also want to take a look the client’s prior brushes with the law. Are there any previous arrests for driving while under the influence? Is there nothing other than a parking ticket five years ago? If the client has an almost spotless record, it needs to be presented to the judge. The fact that this is the first offense of this type does allow the judge the discretion to hand down a judgment that is as lenient as current laws allow.

Always take this type of charge seriously and seek help from an attorney. Contact Wagner Law Firm and arrange for a consultation as quickly as possible. Having an attorney when the hearing takes place will make it easier to determine what can be done to contain the situation and limit the impact on the client’s life.

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