Being arrested is not something that anyone enjoys. For those who are facing arrest for the first time, the prospect can be frightening. Fortunately, a professional from one of the Bail Bonding Companies in Clayton County can make arrangements for the client to be free until the court date. Here are some examples of how the support from the bondsman comes about.

Communicating with the Court

Once the arrest is made, there will be a preliminary hearing in which the judge reviews the case and determines if the individual can be released on bond. If so, then the amount of the bond is set. The agent from one of the Bail Bonding Companies in Clayton County will be present at that hearing and stand ready to pledge the amount of the bond that will satisfy the court. Once the paperwork is completed, the process of preparing the release gets underway.

Keep in mind that the bonding company does charge a fee for providing this service. That fee is typically based on a percentage of the total bond. In most cases, the fee is paid immediately to the bondsman and the client receives a receipt. Remember that the fee is for services rendered and is not considered refundable. That is true even if the client is later cleared of all charges.

Checking in With the Client

It is not unusual for the bondsman to check with the client a few days before the scheduled court date. The purpose is to remind the client of the impending date and confirm that nothing would prevent the client from appearing on time. Since the bonding company is more or less committed until the case does come up on the docket, this is seen as a way to protect the investment in the client.

Being Present at Court

The bondsman is likely to be present on the court date for a short amount of time. This is to confirm that the client is there and that the court has verified that the client is present. Once that is done, the bonding company is no longer considered responsible for the client and the bond is considered fulfilled.

For anyone facing an arrest, click here and arrange to meet with a bonding professional. Doing so will make it easier to be out on bail and have time to prepare for the upcoming court date.

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