In the life of the traditional Jewish family, education is key to the success of the family unit. Education is one of the tools that is required for success, especially in the United States. True to the Jewish culture, it is imperative that every Jewish child gets thoroughly indoctrinated in a Jewish education, that the children will never forget where they came from. The main backbone of this education is learning about the Jewish faith. There is one such school in Maryland that offers this range of Jewish education. They have Preschool in Gaithersburg MD, and all the way up to high school.

Here are some features of the school.

B’nai Tzedek is a Conservative synagogue located in Montgomery County, Maryland. The Jewish congregation has a heart for Jews to become active participants in the preservation of Jewish heritage, education and religion. As a result, the Jewish family will be strengthened and empowered to continue. Thus, it is only natural that this education start at an early age. They begin this education in preschool in the Laura & Joel Greenzaid Early Childhood Center. From six months old to five years of age, youngsters are introduced to the Judaic faith early on.

Programs at the early childhood center are designed to nurture the spiritual development of the children. As well, their cognitive, emotional, physical and social skills are developed. In addition to building children with a strong Jewish identity, the children are also equipped to become critical thinkers in a world where thinking is key. They are taught to be independent learners who are confident in their abilities. These are skills that are critical to growing up in a society that is not forgiving for those who are slow learners.

The school welcomes parents to come in and talk with the staff to see what exactly is offered. They get to see that Judaism is at the heart of the school. In addition to the school itself, parents and children are encouraged to attend the religious services held for worship and further Jewish interaction.

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