Next to you, your pet’s veterinarian is the most important person in your pet’s life. Of course background, education and experience are all very important factors but perhaps what is of equal importance is how you, your vet and your pet interact.

The mark of excellent veterinarians:

Once you have done your preliminary research and chosen a couple of Chicago veterinarians that you think are right, make arrangements to visit their clinic before you make your final decision. When you call, let the office know that you are looking for a new vet. The experience begins even before you meet the vet, give consideration to how you were welcomed and treated by the staff as they too play an important role in your pet’s health care.

  • Professionalism:

When you meet the vet, he or she should make introductions and take a moment to meet your pet and then talk to you about why you are there and what, if any, concerns you have. Pay attention to how your pet reacts when the vet makes a cursory examination; make sure the vets’ assistant handles your pet with care.

  • Communication:

Once the examination is completed the vet should discuss the findings; in many cases it will be no more than a confirmation that your pet is well and everything is normal. The vet will want information on the vaccination history so the routine can be continued to schedule. If the vet finds something abnormal he or she should discuss the problem and the solution in terms that you understand.

  • Staff:

Good Chicago veterinarians are surrounded by trained support staff that can help you and your pet as much as possible. The vet of course will take responsibility for checking the pet and making medical recommendations but good vets actually rely to a great extent on their staff.

If the veterinarian meets your every expectation, you can feel comfortable and confident that should your pet need attention, it will be in good hands.

If you are looking for a team of Chicago veterinarians and support staff that are dedicated to the health and well being of your pet, you are invited to contact Metropolitan Veterinary Center.

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