A person who has been arrested might be able to work with a public defender if they cannot afford their own lawyer. However, in most cases, a person will want to try to hire their own lawyer if at all possible to make sure they get a better result for their case. The public defenders are there to help them, but there are many differences between a public defender and a hired lawyer.

Working With a Public Defender

A public defender’s job is to provide a defense for those who cannot afford a lawyer. Unfortunately, this is a lot of people and they typically have a lot of cases they must work on at one time. This means they can’t give a significant portion of their time to any one case. Instead of being able to thoroughly review the case and look into all option, the public defender might glance through the case and have the person either plead guilty to try to obtain a lighter sentence or accept a plea deal. In either case, the person is going to then have a criminal record.

Working With a Hired Lawyer

When a person hires a lawyer like Corbin T. Volluz, they’re paying for the lawyer’s time. This means the lawyer has fewer clients and the ability to spend more time working on the case. They’ll thoroughly go through the case to see what all of their clients’ options are and do whatever they can to help their client get a better outcome. This means the person has a chance of walking away without a criminal record or, if they are found guilty, with the smallest sentence possible. Since the lawyer has more time to work on their case, they have more time to find a better defense for the person.

If you’ve been arrested, think carefully about who you want to work with on your case. A public defender might be free, but that might come at a price. Instead, you might want to hire a lawyer like Corbin T. Volluz so they can spend more time working on your case, focusing on your needs, and helping you. Click Here for more information today.

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